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* This project holds the required documentation to learn more and contribute to CollabNet Connector Framework.

* The source code for the CollabNet Connector Framework can be found in the GIT repositories of


CollabNet Connector Framework

CCF Architecture
Figure 1 – CollabNet Connector Framework Architecture


The CollabNet Connector Framework (CCF) is a framework providing a set of:

  • Standard, reusable ‘connectors’ between the TeamForge tracker and other trackers including HPQC Test Director as well as trackers within user developed integrations
  • Development tools for all openCollabNet members that enable the rapid development of new TeamForge tracker connectors and the enhancement of existing ones

These connectors (aka integrations) extend the benefits of TeamForge’s distributed ALM capabilities to other users and to other Trackers. For example CollabNet’s certified integration with HP QC/Test Director enables QA Engineers working in QC and Developers working in TeamForge to collaborate directly around software defects and other lifecycle assets. This common view makes for quicker and more accurate resolution of defects which in turn results in improved software quality. Integrations also support tool co-existence which eliminates the need for disruptive ‘rip and replacement’ strategies.

The CCF contains:

  1. TeamForge Adaptor:  A standard CollabNet adaptor for read/write access to tracker artifacts (item 1 in Figure). This adaptor interfaces to TeamForge’s standard web services and presents standard XML to CCF’s message mapper.
  2. Your Tracker Adaptor: Adaptors for read/write access to each external tracker being connected to (items 2 & 3 in Figure). These adaptors vary based on the type of API/integration point exposed by the external tracker. For example, the HP QC Test Director adaptor interfaces to a COM API.  Like the TeamForge adaptor the HP QC/Test Director presents standard XML to CCF’s message mapper. As adaptors are developed they become part of the CCF’s adaptor library and are available for subsequent re-use or and enhancement to build other integrations.
  3. Mapper and Synchronizer: The mapper is a configuration tool that maps, transforms and reconciles the artifact formats being exchanged between TeamForge and the external system. The synchronizer manages error recovery and conflicts in the event of disconnects. See item 4 in Figure.

The CCF is fully open and extensible with all elements of it being open source. It leverages the industry standard openadaptor tool kit. To learn more and contribute to this project visit the CCF development community page.