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[ccf-users] TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1 (aka CollabNet Connect /sync) released

Author jonico
Full name Johannes Nicolai
Date 2013-08-23 03:57:41 PDT
Message Version : TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1

Release Date : 08/23/2013

Download Link: http://www.open.coll​ab.net/servlets/OCND​irector?id=CCF2.2.1

The CCF Team is pleased to announce the general availability of TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1 (aka CollabNet Connect /sync). CCF is CollabNet's integrated solution to synchronize data between CollabNet TeamForge and various ALM platforms like HP Quality Center/ALM 11, ScrumWorks Pro, MS Team Foundation Server, Atlassian JIRA and IBM Rational ClearQuest.

Here is a quick overview of the features:

Official Support for TeamForge 7.0

TeamForge connector (CCF) 2.2.1 officially supports TeamForge 7.0.

While CCF 2.2 and 1.5.1 have also been successfully tested against TeamForge 7.0, we recommend CCF 2.2.1 as it fits better with TeamForge 7.0 branding.

Automatic check for the dummy service

When you use TeamForge connector 2.2.1 (or later) to integrate with TeamForge 7.0 (or later), you can use the in-built dummy service that runs within TeamForge 7.0. CCF will automatically detect the Integrated Application Framework (IAF) service endpoint for TeamForge 7.0 and use it. You do not need to separately install the dummy service on the TeamForge server. You do not need to add or edit the ccf.iafServiceEndpoint property in ccfhomeruntimeconfig.properties either.

More CCF Core properties are configurable in the user interface to fine tune CCF's sync behavior

Use Alternative FieldName: Enables handwritten XSLT scripts to refer to HP Quality Center display names during transformation of artifacts.

Ignore Connector Updates: To prevent infinite update loops, updates made by the connector are not shipped to the other connector participant by default. Turn off this setting only if you are absolutely sure of what you are doing; and never turn it off for both directions.

Translate Technical Release Ids: If set to true, human-readable file release names are translated to technical release IDs (relxxx). Turning on this setting will impact performance because further SOAP calls have to be made.

Retrieve Parent Info For Tracker Items: Determines whether parent information should be fetched for tracker items.

Still interested?


If we caught your interests, here are the suggested steps to try out TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1:

1. Want to develop your own plugin? Checkout our reference implementations:


2. Figure out the necessary software and hardware requirements:

a. We support TeamForge 5.4/6.1/6.1.1/6.2/7.0 (Tracker Items + Planning Folders), QC 9/10/ALM (Defects and Requirements), SWP 4.4/4.5.1/5.0/5.1/6.0 (Products, Themes, Teams, Sprints, Releases, PBIs, Tasks)

b. QC integration has to run in a Windows 32 Bit Java 6 VM and may require additional setup steps (http://help.collab.n​et/topic/com.collabn​et.doc.ccf/reference​/ccfqcpt_checklist.h​tml).

c. SWP integration can run on Linux 32/64 bit and Windows 32 Bit Java 6 VM

d. You need about 4 GB of free RAM and 1 GB available disk space for a medium sized installation (100,000 synched artifacts and log rotation turned on)

3. Download the TeamForge Connector Server bits: http://www.open.coll​ab.net/servlets/OCND​irector?id=CCF2.2.1

4. Install and configure TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1: http://help.collab.n​et/index.jsp?topic=/​teamforge-connectory​nc/action/tfconnecto​r_install.html

5. Migrate from existing TeamForge Connector Server 2.x (2.0.1, 2.1 or 2.2) to 2.2.1 https://ctf.open.col​lab.net/sf/wiki/do/v​iewPage/projects.ccf​/wiki/ConnectorUpgra​de

6. Optional: Use CCF 1.5.1 Migrator to migrate existing projects (start with a toy project first): http://help.collab.n​et/topic/teamforge-c​onnectorync/action/m​igrate_tfconnector.h​tml

7. Learn how TeamForge Connector Server integrates with our rich clients and how to set up new repository mappings:

* http://help.collab.n​et/topic/teamforge-c​onnectorync/action/w​indesktop_connector.​html

* http://help.collab.n​et/topic/teamforge-c​onnectorync/action/e​clipsedesktop_connec​tor.html

8. Log into TeamForge, select a project you sync and click on the TeamForge Connector item in the project menu bar and play with the connector permission setting in the project admin, or (as a site admin) check out the installed integrated application, select the Connector and press on configure

9. Further information can be found on http://help.collab.net and http://www.collab.ne​t/products/teamforge​/collabnetconnect

We would like to thank all people who contributed to TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1 with their feedback, testing, documentation and development efforts.

Johannes Nicolai, on behalf of CCF Development team

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[ccf-users] TeamForge Connector Server 2.2.1 (aka CollabNet Connect /sync) released jonico Johannes Nicolai 2013-08-23 03:57:41 PDT
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