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Headline CCF 1.3.0 with requirements support has been officially released
Date Feb 9, 2010
Contributed by Johannes Nicolai


The CollabNet Connector Framework version 1.3.0 has been released and is available for download.

The most important changes can be found in the release notes

  • The CollabNet Connector Framework now supports synchronization of TeamForge tracker artifacts with Quality Center requirements. If you have TeamForge 5.3, you can synchronize planning folders with QC requirements.
  • You can synchronize TeamForge artifacts that have a parent-child relationship. A top-down approach is recommended when synchronizing hierarchies. For details, see the section on dealing with hierarchies in the Best Practices wiki.
  • Synchronization with TeamForge 5.3 tracker fields is fully supported.
  • HP QC COM API memory management is improved.
  • HTML-to-plain text formatting capabilities have been improved.
  • There is a better streaming algorithm for load balancing across multiple project mappings.
  • The Eclipse-based user interface (version 1.3.0) adds these features:
    • Project mappings for Quality Center defects as well as requirements are supported. Intelligent wizards are available for selecting project/tracker/requirement types in Quality Center, TeamForge and CollabNet Enterprise Edition.
    • It is possible to define and apply multiple graphical mapping templates.
    • The hospital view for quarantined artifacts has been improved, with enhanced replay functionality.

Our Quick Start Guide will help you to setup your first synchronizations.

For everybody who already used a previous version of CCF, the migration notes will help.

Please send any feedback or questions regarding the new release to