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End User Documentation

  • CCF Quick Start Guide: A guide that explains how to setup a ?TeamForge to HP QC and CEE to HP QC bidirectional tracker synchronization by using the CCF GUI

  • BeforeGettingStartedGuide: Find out what things you may already prepare before you start to synchronize repositories with the CCF

  • BestPractices: Share your best practices on how to run CCF integration scenarios

  • GUI: Find out the current capabilities and future plans for the CCF GUI

  • GraphicalMapping: Find out how to use graphical data mapping and how to customize its behavior

  • Frequently_Asked_Questions: Read our FAQ

Advanced End User Documentation

  • ObfuscatePasswords: Find out how you can obfuscate CCF's passwords

  • RunCCFAsAService: Find out how to run the CCF scenarios as a service

  • SupportedSystems: See which systems are currently supported by the CCF and how the CCF terms system, system kind, repository, repository kind and artifact type map to their own terminology

  • ConflictDetection: See how conflict detection and resolution is realized in the CCF

  • ExceptionHandling: See how the CCF handles exceptions and how to trouble shoot missed artifact updates

  • ExceptionHandlingExample: See how CCF behaves in a complex example scenario when exceptions occur

  • PollingInterval: Find out what is the best polling interval for you

  • Resynching: Find out how to force an immediate resync for newly created artifacts

  • SynchingMultipleThousandArtifactsAtOnce: What to do if synching times out / CCF crashes while trying to synch thousands of artifacts at once

  • RetryReloginConfiguration: Find out how CCF can be configured to retry operations and relogin if network related timeouts or session faults occur

  • SecureAccess: See how to access SSL enabled systems with the CCF

  • OtherDatabase: See how to use another data base management system like Postgres to host CCF's small data base

  • Migration111To12: Migration Guide from CCF 1.1.1 to CCF 1.2

  • Migration12To13: Migration Guide from CCF 1.2 to CCF 1.3

  • Migration13To141: Migration Guide from CCF 1.3 to CCF 1.4.1

  • Migration13To142: Migration Guide from CCF 1.3 to CCF 1.4.2

  • Migration140To150: Migration Guide from CCF 1.4.0 to CCF 1.5.0 (for TF-SWP integration only)

  • Migration142To150: Migration Guide from CCF 1.4.2 to CCF 1.5.0

  • Migration150To151: Migration Guide from CCF 1.5.0 to CCF 1.5.1

  • Release notes: Take a look which issues have been fixed since the last release

  • CCF License: Read the Apache 2.0 license, used for CCF

  • ContactData: see how to best reach the people working in the project

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